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Beverly Peek Heldman
Get ready Seattle, you're the next New York. Crime skyrocketing, gangs running the street using mafia tactics for protection, people and police leaving in droves. Good luck

Don't overlook the fact that the SCC are radicals who were VOTED IN by the peope of Seattle. None of the SCC members hid their agendas. The voters knew exactly what their ideas and plans were. This action should come as no surprise whatsoever. And, some of these lunatics will be re-elected, mark my words. THE most radical of the group is socialist Ksham Sawant who mixes no words about her disdain for the police. She's now in her 3rd term. So, just as you get what you pay for, you also get and deserve what you vote for.

Guess I won't be back. Was hoping to do a cruise from Seattle next year, but I'm done with cities that defund their police departments.

Seattle, San Francisco Portland, New York City, Detroit, and so many more - all were once beautiful cities. It is so sad to see them descend into the cesspools they have become. Have visited all of them but never again.
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